Our mission statement.


Ecology & Health
We have not left the environmental impact of our product range tochance. During the development of a new recipe, we select raw materials andcomponents which significantly reduce emissions or harmful effects on humans orthe environment or completely exclude them altogether. We pursue this path to environmentally friendly and resource-efficientproduction. Our products are low in emissions; this is indicated by our "lowemission" signs.A wide variety of our products have been tested according to AgBB* and alsohave formulation to reduce dust. Naturally, all the products are also gearedtowards the current REACH regulation (REACH = Registration, Evaluation,Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

Our Botafloor product line has been certified in this respect with theBlue Angel and the EC 1 seal as being particularly environmentally friendly.
*AgBB=Committee on assessing health aspects of construction products.


Innovation - with added value.
Who always does what he can already, always remains what he already is.
We at Botament are always on the move and always strive to besuccessfully innovative. The prerequisites for this exist! Because we haveeverything under one roof:

Laboratory, application engineering and the manufacturing of products -it all takes place in-house. For us, being innovative also means creating realadded value for the customers through our innovations. So, we were one of thefirst in the market to create a real alternative to epoxy with the silicatejoint mortar, such as CF 200 and SF 100.

With our multi-family, we developed a new multifunctional generation oflightweight products for the tiling professional, allowing him to finish histask faster and more flexibly.

*Saying by Henry Ford (freely translated)

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