Our strengths


System provider with dealer loyalty
A good business partnership is based on competence and mutual trust. Animportant prerequisite for this is loyalty. We demonstrate this every day.Joint market development is the focus of our cooperation.

The Botament sales force frequently visits the professional fabricatorsand the dealers.
As a producer of construction chemicals, we also take seriously our taskof providing good training for our dealers on topics relating to technology.
Thus, we offer the seminar series "Certified system vendor",which is individually tailored to the trade, where practice also plays a largerole in addition to theory.


Together with the trade
Support for the professional on the ground. In addition to the trade, we offer ongoing, comprehensive service to ourfabricator clients. We are always on the road for you! You will often find usright there at the building site. Individual and reliable customer service isone of our greatest strengths.

We are proud of this and we are constantly expanding this strength. Ouremployees undergo continual training, both technically and commercially.


Botament links
Regardless of whether you are a tiler or building materials retailer, acraftsman or a planner/or the tenderer, Botament is always the right partnerfor you. And what's more, we consider ourselves a gateway and provide all theparties concerned with a platform for communication and an exchange ofknowledge.

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